Our Method

Designed For One Thing:
To Get You The Right Offer

We work with you to generate the right offer for your property based upon your specific criteria across the 8 elements of the Right Offer Strategy.


Naturally the thing that is at the top of the list is offer price. Offer price is important because it determines your net proceeds of sale, but it isn't everything.


The saying is true "A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow". Our method focuses on not only fast sales, but faster closings so you can get your money sooner.


Not all forms of payment are the same. A conventional loan is different than an FHA or a VA loan and it has impacts on the seller. Cash is always king, but maybe you want to accept Bitcoin? 


What are the stipulations of the offer. Do they want an inspection period or a financing contingency? Small conditions can have big consequences.


Is there anything that needs to be done structurally to your property before sale as part of the offer? 


What is the condition of your finishes and amenities? Does the offer accept your amenities and finishes as is? or are they wanting to change things.


Have you determined what is most important to you? Price? Speed? No-Hassle Offers? Are you willing to accept less for more favorable terms or are you set on a certain price?


How hands-on or hands-off do you want to be? Are you ok with everything digital or want to do things the old fashion way?

As you can see, the right offer is not only about price. It incorporates many other elements. Our method aims to generate the right offer for you in your current situation. 

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