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Nate Jameson
Owner & Broker
Dor Realty, LLC

Hi! I am Nate. I am unapologetically pro-homeowner and I have a passion for helping people make wise real estate decisions.  

I grew up in La Crosse, WI primarily with my mother, but also spent seasons in Newport Beach, CA with my father. As a kid, I loved being outside, playing sports and adventuring in our local forests. I was always a curious kid and loved to learn how things worked. 

Upon getting accepted into Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, I relocated to Minnesota to pursue degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I graduated in the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. One of my senior courses literally threw the textbook out and simply turned on the news to talk about what was going on. I got a deep dive into the financial elements causing the crisis. 

After graduating, I had to quickly pivot my trajectory and focused more on IT & marketing automation due to demand and at the time MBA students were taking entry level finance positions. I eventually joined a start-up team called Cafe Inc (now call The Reserve) a co-working business with 3 locations still operating in the Twin Cities. 

In my time at The Reserve, a family member lost almost $500,000 in the aftermath of the real estate fallout from 2008. It was then I decided to get my real estate license because I saw first-hand the need of professionalism in industry.

I have been in Real Estate for over 6 years now and own investment properties of my own as well. 

I take tremendous pride in marketing your home. My background is more than real estate. I have worked in the enterprise consulting world as a consumer journey strategist and marketing automation consultant for some of the world's biggest consumer brands like: Anderson Windows, Behr Paint, Nestle, and Fridgidaire to name a few.

When I work with you to sell your home, I apply not only the best real estate practices, but also some of the marketing secrets that only the biggest companies can afford. 

I would be happy to discuss your home sale in more detail. Please use the button below to schedule some time on my calendar. 

To your success,

~ Nate

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